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Catherine Hervey is a digital media and texture artist born in California. Currently she calls Bryan, Texas home, but, as a military child, has also given this designation to North Dakota, Virginia, and even Belgium. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunication and Media Studies from Texas A&M.


During her undergraduate career, she discovered her love for graphics and digital painting. She was hired by the Texas A&M University Athletics Department as a student worker to design the graphic look for men’s and women’s tennis, as well as softball. This experience fed her desire to pursue computer graphics. Following her graduation, she pursued this passion and learned of the opportunities that were available at the same school she received her undergraduate degree in. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Art in Visualization at Texas A&M.


Catherine enjoys digital painting, physical computing, programming and texturing. In addition to school, she currently teaches digital painting to upper level undergraduates as an instructor of record. After receiving her degree, she will pursue a career in look development at an animation studio.




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